Uh oh, Astros fans, there may be a curse in town. It’s a fact that since the Astros announced they’d be removing Tal’s Hill from centerfield of Minute Maid Park, the Astros are winless.  Coincidence?  Or superstition? Enter:  Superstition. Fans started tweeting about it, blaming the #CurseOfTalsHill for the bobbles, the bloops, the failure to score with… Continue reading #CurseOfTalsHill

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a Decade in a Flash – 2002…and 2003 & 2004 while I’m at it

I’d be telling a story if I said that anything other than getting a job in baseball (again) was the highlight of 2002.  Heck, I could probably expand that over all 3 seasons (2002, 2003, and 2004) that I worked with the (sadly, now defunct) Jackson Senators.  2001 cruised along just fine.  I was employed by… Continue reading a Decade in a Flash – 2002…and 2003 & 2004 while I’m at it


Happy Opening Day

It’s finally here.   The one day of the year when all the contenders line up at the starting line even.  The slates have been wiped clean, and everybody has the same record.   Hope springs eternal.  Only one thing can make this girl this giddy on this April day:  The start to my very favorite season of… Continue reading Happy Opening Day