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Where did you go, summer?

Wow, friends.  It has been a minute, hasn’t it? I was cruising along in 2015, just getting settled into spring, and then I look up and it’s – gasp! – December?!?!  How can that be? I guess that’s the thing about time.  You think you’ve got plenty of it, until you get distracted or busy… Continue reading Where did you go, summer?

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(I will skip all the “it’s been so long since I’ve blogged” nonsense and get straight to my point…) I am thankful. In a tough world where there is so much hate, negativity, sadness, sorrow, and pain I am thankful for the good and prayerful that the bad will get better. That’s it.  That’s really all… Continue reading Thankful

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No hitters and near misses

I’ve seen about a jillion baseball games in all levels of professional, and I have never seen a no hitter. Or a perfect game. Not that this is a rarity.  Perfect games and no hitters are like blue moons or 75% off sales at Nordstrom. According to Wikipedia, only 23 perfect games have been recorded in… Continue reading No hitters and near misses

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Things I Learned When I Wasn’t Even Trying

There are things I learn because I’m trying to learn something. A new process at work. Lyrics to that song I can’t get out of my head. My boyfriend’s shoe size because I can only buy so many shoes for myself. And then there are those things you learn out of the clear blue sky.… Continue reading Things I Learned When I Wasn’t Even Trying

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It’s nice to be back at work.

File that under “things I didn’t think I’d say”. I’m just kidding! I have a great job – most days. But that’s not what this post is about. I am healthy again, and so happy to be so. That bronchitis really whupt my behind. I honestly can’t remember ever being that sick. Not even the time… Continue reading It’s nice to be back at work.

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In sickness

“Sick” is not my color. Today makes day #4 that I’ve been sick. I avoided the nasty “emergacare” places over the weekend by loading up on Mucinex (note: Mucinex is overrated. Don’t waste your money. Just go to a doctor.), and it didn’t work. At all. So yesterday, thankfully my sweet (and totally hot, btw)… Continue reading In sickness