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Where did you go, summer?

Wow, friends.  It has been a minute, hasn’t it?

I was cruising along in 2015, just getting settled into spring, and then I look up and it’s – gasp! – December?!?!  How can that be?

I guess that’s the thing about time.  You think you’ve got plenty of it, until you get distracted or busy doing something else, and then it’s gone.

Spring and summer were mostly good to me, and then fall came.  Ugh.  More on that later.

So, let’s check out the highlight reel, shall we?

I took Billy to his first Jazz Fest in New Orleans this year.  We braved the muddy fairgrounds to see, who else, Jimmy Buffett.  We also saw Cowboy Mouth.  Fred and the gang put on a super fun show, and I may have even enjoyed it a little more than Buffett’s, had Buffett not sang “I Will Play for Gumbo”. has a good recap.


We also had a ball this summer with our Houston Astros.  Those boys were exciting to watch, and they even won games this year!  So many games, in fact, they made it to the postseason.


First they secured a Wild Card playoff spot and showed the Yankees how young guys play baseball, and then they took the American League Division Series to 5 games with the Kansas City Royals.  We *should have* clinched the ALDS in game 4 here in Houston, but pitchers have bad days, and that wasn’t in the cards.  Game 5 back in KC was hard to watch.  The Royals just wanted it more, and they wanted it so much, they wound up winning the whole shebang.  World Series Champions.  Congrats to them, and this just leaves Houstonians excited and looking forward to 2016.


We also made time for our first vacation as newlyweds (after the honeymoon) to visit New England and one of my most favorite gals, Ellen.  Ellen and I met when we were working at a small PR firm here in Houston in 2007.  We only worked together about 2 months before I left for another job, but that’s all it took to forge our friendship.  And, then sadly, 8 years later, she re-evaluated life and decided it was time for her to return to her home in the Boston suburbs.  I can’t blame her one bit.  I absolutely understand the need to be near family.  And, that’s one more friend for me to visit!

Before meeting up with Ellen in Boston, Billy and I gallivanted around southern Maine.  It was breathtaking!  I never imagined it could be so beautiful.  Every direction you looked was like a postcard.  So many lighthouses!  The state motto is “the way life should be”, and I think they nailed it.  Except for one critical issue.  Beaches.  See the rocky shoreline in the photo below?  That’s what locals call a “beach”.  I would call that a “rocky shoreline”.  Makes me appreciate our Texas beaches – sandy and not covered in sharp edged boulders that would slice your foot off.

But let’s talk about the weather!  Sunny, no humidity, and a warm 65 degrees in July!  My hair looked fabulous, and I didn’t break a sweat!  Hello, I think I’ve found my summer home!  -Big sigh-  If only I were a Bush.  (You know, because George, Babs and the family “summer” in Kennebunkport, ME, which is also gorgeous, by the way – and very patriotic.  Nearly every home had an American flag hanging from the porch.)

maine 1

We made our way down to Boston in time to celebrate Independence Day with the Boston Red Sox playing the Houston Astros – how timely!  This was both of our first games at Fenway Park, and Ellen hadn’t been since she was a kid.  I’m sure you know this, but I’ll say it anyway – Fenway was so cool.  The stadium has such history.


A definite highlight was going into the Center Field Bar pre-game where we enjoyed a Sam Adams Summer Lager and watched BP from centerfield at field level.  So neat.  We even found some more Astros fans (from other parts of Texas), and we created a hashtag (#roadstros).  Look it up.  It probably hasn’t been used since, but I’m sure it’ll catch on eventually.

boston 1

(Side note:  Is this not the most patriotic shirt you’ve ever seen?)

Our time in New England, and especially our time with Ellen, was wonderful.  She took us around her hometown and we met so many of her family and friends who all sang Ellen’s praises and their excitement that she had “come home”.  That girl is loved, I’ll tell you, and worth every ounce.  She’s awesome.

She played tourist with us, and we walked all over Boston.  We took a duck tour, popped into some historic sites, listened to some Irish bands, and tried out our best Boston accents (Billy nailed it; I sound like a mobster from a 1920’s film.), and sampled local brews and eats (Hello, cannolis at Mike’s Pastry!).  I really loved New England.  I’ll definitely go back.

It was a good summer.


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