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Sweet Jimmy Buffett Time

Yesterday was the first day of summer here in Houston, Texas.  No, not officially, but as far as I am concerned, summer is here.  All the factors are in place – the heat, the mosquitoes, excited children and even more excited teachers, baseball, farmer tans, and Jimmy Buffett.  Hello, summer!

Guys with cop

Jimmy Buffett played his 20th show at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion last night to a sold out crowd of enthusiastic Parrotheads.  His set-list for this show was awesome.  He played all of the favorites and quite a few older numbers he hasn’t played in a while.  I loved hearing Jolly Mon Sing, Ragtop Day, and Pascagoula Run.  Pascagoula Run is about his crazy Uncle Billy taking Jimmy out and showing him the world – and a good time.  And it’s about Pascagoula, Mississippi – Jimmy’s birthplace.  You can see the full set-list on

This was mine and B’s 5th Buffett show together, counting the 1st one when we met 3 years ago.  Man, I love our story.  Just goes to show you, love really can happen when you least expect it.

3 years

Okay, sorry for the mush.  I’ll continue…

We tailgated so long, when we finally got into the pavilion, the lawn was already nearly covered up!  But we weren’t the farthest away from the stage.  Terry Virts (@astro_terry) is a self-proclaimed Parrothead who also happens to be an astronaut working on the International Space Station.  He’s been on the ISS for 6 months (6 months!!).  In between songs, Terry took a break and appeared on the big screen behind the band, extending greetings and encouraging fans to get involved in science and read up on the space program.  The fact that he was wearing a Houston Astros shirt went over well with the local crowd.

Speaking of attire, the people watching at a Buffett show is top notch.  If you’ve never been, please go.  You don’t have to like a single JB song to enjoy one of his shows.  Just go.  And if you’re able, go early and partake in the pre-concert tailgate experience.  It’s more fun than you can shake a grass skirt at.

Or a coconut bra or two.

The Winkles

J, C

There are always awesomely creative hats that nod to his lyrics.  Salt shakers, poptops, sharks, pirates, parrots, flip flops, you name it.

Good hat with D

Good hats

And then there’s just funny t-shirts.

Adios Pantalones

Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman is a Parrothead too and always does a great job to cover Jimmy when he’s in town.  Check out the photos he captured on

And, if you can’t make it to a Buffett tailgate or show, you can always go there through the power of technology at  Buffett live streams all of his shows right there, free of charge.  There are also lots of cool behind the scenes clips, interviews, and videos.  Like this one…

Have you heard of HaHa-Yo?  Neither had I before a few weeks ago when I saw this on  HaHa-Yo wrote a song entitled “I Think I’m Jimmy Buffett”:

Then they made a hilarious video, and Jimmy got wind of it.  Next thing they know, they’re invited to Vegas to hang with Jimmy, the Coral Reefers, the Margarillas, and have a once in a lifetime experience they’ll tell their grandchildren about one day.  Amazing.

And yesterday, we met Tom – without realizing he was 1/2 of HaHa-Yo.  I wish I would’ve recognized him so I could’ve peppered him with questions about his experience.  (Come to think of it, this may be the very reason he shaved his beard.)  So I’m not sure if he’s still living this particular JB-granted wish, or if he’s employed with the crew now.  Either way, I’m pretty sure he had a blast in Htown.  I mean, who doesn’t?

(Tom is squatting in the blue shirt, flashing the peace sign, holding the GoPro.  Super nice guy.)

all together now - with TV Tom

Can’t wait to see their footage up on  It was such a great day!

See you in Vegas in October, Jimmy!

S, A, B with JB


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