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Best. Day. Ever. – a recap

As B and I near our 6 month anniversary, I am over the moon honored to tell y’all that our wedding story has been shared in 2 online features – and

The Knot is a local and national wedding vendor resource that offers a gift registry, bridal gown search, local vendor information, and wedding etiquette.  I am a fan of The Knot and referenced the site often, particularly for vendor references at the beginning stages of planning.  That site has everything!  And now, it even has us! 

Dolly Couture specializes in cocktail-length, short wedding dresses reminiscent of the 1950s and early 60s – and they’re precious!  Dolly Couture is the dress shop featuring Dolly Thicke’s designs.  She has actual shops in Beverly Hills and New York City, and in-home boutiques scattered around the country.  I visited one in San Antonio (another recently opened in Austin), and had a terrific experience.  I wasn’t going to fly to Cali for a potential wedding dress, and I was nervous about making such an important purchase online, so being able to visit with a sales rep, try on the dresses, and select the exact fabric and color I wanted, made this decision nearly as easy as agreeing to marry B in the first place!

So if you’re interested in some of the details about our wedding day, take a look at either of those 2 features – Dolly Couture and/or The Knot.  Thanks to you both for capturing the sweet Southern essence of our wedding day!

A few other details that were especially important to us…

We wanted something unique and lasting for our guest book, so we went with what we call a Wish Tree.  B cut out these little wooden hearts, drilled a tiny hole in the top, and we tied a little silver string to each one.  Guests were asked to leave well wishes for us as they signed in.  These hearts will be kept for a lifetime in the wooden hope chest my grandfather built for me when I was little.  And, this little red tip tree (or red headed hedge as my mama called them) is thriving in our back yard.

Wish Tree

My sweet mama passed away 5 years prior to my wedding day, and tho she couldn’t be with me in person, she held my hand all the way down the aisle.  My florist wrapped this antique kerchief of my mom’s around the bouquet stems and tied this tiny frame holding one of my favorite pictures of her along with a prayer locket.


Our venue had pretty rigid guidelines about what could and could not be used as far as send-off goes – no fire, fireworks, or sparklers, and anything on the ground would have to be picked up, to name a few.  Channeling our love for baseball , we opted to make our own baseball team-style pennants.  I designed the logo and text in Illustrator, printed them on legal-size paper, cut down to triangles, and with the help of a team of crafty ladies, we glued and taped the pennants to dowel rods, added streamers to the top and a coordinating ribbon to the front, and voila!  I was so pleased with how they turned out!  We threw in noise makers for good measure.


It was such a fun day!  We had a blast and are still relishing the moments.


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