Sweet Mamas

Do y’all remember a while back when I shared the list of my sweet mama’s sayings that my brothers and sisters and I compiled?  I’m afraid I never shared with y’all what happened with that.


That’s my beautiful sister Colleen holding the finished product.  I took that list and whipped up what I lovingly call our “Mamaisms”.  I gave each of my 4 siblings this framed print for Christmas 2013.  (I think 2014 was Texas lottery tickets = #fail.  Hey, it’s hard to follow something that reminds us of our amazingly wonderful mama.)

It’s hard not to think of her everyday, and especially harder this week.  Just yesterday, the lady doing my nails asked me what I was getting my mom for Mother’s Day, and I teared up.  I couldn’t help it.  I sniffed my reply: “My mama passed away a few years back.”  The young nail tech smiled and sweetly responded, “Then she don’t need anything; she’s got all she needs.”

So to all my friends out there, if you’re missing your mom like I am – know that yours is smiling down on you with the proudest, sweetest smile, and if she is anything like mine, she’s about to tell you to “straighten up, put some lipstick on, and go about your day.”  Mama certainly wouldn’t want to see me sitting here throwing myself a pity party.  Lord knows she’s not.  She’s got all she needs in Heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!


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