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Thank you, Jesus. And Jimmy Buffett.

I suppose stranger things have happened at a Jimmy Buffett tailgate party, but on June 2, 2012 at the pre-concert shindig in the parking lot of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, this girl met the man she would marry.

Happenstance led my group of Parrothead friends to be parked beside B and his group of Parrothead buddies.  My group of girls right next door to B’s group of guys – thank you, Jesus.

And Jimmy Buffett.

Typical boy meets girl story – boy is shy, girl is outgoing and bubbly and talks to him first.   I was the forward one who asked the cute guy in the tent next door to take a picture of me and my friends, and he was the shy cute one who eagerly obliged and then blushed “you don’t want me in your picture?” when the photo wound up being me, my girlfriends and all of his guy friends.  I gave him a quick hug (we Parrotheads are huggers – at least on this day) and said with a wink “next time!”.

And thus started the flirting, and it continued through the next dozen or so hot, sun drenched hours and into the concert, the main event, when B joined me and my friends on the grassy knoll where Billy would see his first Jimmy Buffett concert and we would get barefoot, dance our first dance and share our first kiss.  Yes, it was on the very same day that we met, but after spending that much time together, it felt more like 3 dates and numerous phone calls and text messages had gone by.  The timing was right.  Little did I know that would be my last first kiss.

And now, 2 Jimmy Buffett concerts later, B and I are getting married!  Thank you, Jesus!

And Jimmy Buffett.

Buffett to Sing

At this year’s show (our 3rd together), same place, 4 days shy of 2 years later (but who’s counting?), my sign-making skills garnered us quite a bit of attention.  Matt Hoggatt, a super talented Mississippian on Buffett’s Mailboat Records recording label (talk about a dream come true!) interviewed us for his show, and we scored an in-concert shout-out (“Is this your weddin’ song??”) from Jimmy himself as he strummed the opening to “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw” that I choose to believe was intended solely for me and B.

Here’s the video Matt put together of his tailgate experience (12 hours smashed into 4 minutes – we’re at the 2:17 mark; our tailgate shotski is at the 1:44 mark).  Good times, Matt, good times.

We still haven’t heard from Jimmy about whether or not he’ll sing at our wedding.  So, if anyone out there knows him or how we can get in touch with him, please let me know.  Jimmy is the only man I’d leave B for, but he’s married, so I think we’re safe.

For now.  😉


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