I’m gettin’ married, y’all!

Yep. It’s true. I found the one. The one for me. And he’s so awesome, I could only say “YES!” when he asked me to marry him.

The engagement happened back on January 2, 2014. We had spent nearly two weeks in the ‘sip with my family celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, and B took me to the Coast for a mini vacay before heading back to Texas. There were no fireworks or orchestras performing on a baseball field or proposals scrawled across a giant stadium message board. It was him and it was me, and sincerity and laughter and love. And it was perfect.

Happy Engagement Day

Fast forward to now, two months into the engagement, and I find myself spending my free time (aside from volunteering – it’s Rodeo season, y’all), immersed in (gasp!) wedding magazines.

I was never “that girl” in college (or even after college) that would sneak the impulse buy of Martha Stewart Weddings into my cart at Kroger. Of course, I will admit that I have had a secret Pinterest board going for about a half a year now, so that’s probably this decade’s equivalent, huh?

The planning is going quite smoothly (knock on wood), and we’re having fun with it. And, yes, I do mean we. B is proving to be supportive, encouraging, and excellent at keeping us on budget. Not to mention, he is happily taking on several important tasks himself. This event is very DIY, and between my craftiness and his handyman skills, we are definitely going to be doing this ourselves – with the help of family and friends, of course! We have so many sweet folks excited to volunteer. My sisters, especially, are already going above and beyond. They’re precious, and call me almost daily with requests of “what can I do next?”.  I love them!

So, forgive me if (when I do blog) I stray into the land of weddings and merriment more than you’d expect. This is definitely the most fun time yet, and I am going to enjoy the ride!


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