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No hitters and near misses

I’ve seen about a jillion baseball games in all levels of professional, and I have never seen a no hitter. Or a perfect game. Not that this is a rarity.  Perfect games and no hitters are like blue moons or 75% off sales at Nordstrom.

According to Wikipedia, only 23 perfect games have been recorded in Major League Baseball history and only 281 no hitters.  A perfect game is when no player reaches base – neither by hit, walk, hit by pitch, error, or otherwise.  27 batters up, 27 down.  A no hitter, also called a “no-no” is when no player records a hit, though a player may still reach base by walking, being hit by a pitch, an error, or something else.

Next in rare baseball feats are players hitting for the cycle.  This is when a player records a single, double, triple, and a home run in one game, and not necessarily in that order.  I knew these were rare, but since I have seen two of these, I didn’t think they were that rare.  But apparently they are.  Wikipedia says there have only been 303 of them recorded in Major League Baseball history.  Maybe I am lucky!

Both of the rare feats I witnessed took place at Minute Maid Park.  Houston Astros Rookie Luke Scott hit what’s called an “unnatural cycle” – hitting a home run, triple, double, and single (in that order) in July of 2006 against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Then this past Friday, my beau and I witnessed Houston Astro Brandon Barnes make his mark in the record books by hitting for the cycle.  Barnes’ cycle (a homerun, triple, single, then double) was the 8th in Houston Astros franchise history.


Both games ended in losses for the Astros, but what mattered those nights was being a part of the 30,000 or so folks who witnessed history.

In other news…

I just got this disturbing email from my neighborhood property management company:

“Last night (around 10:45pm) my roommate was robbed at gunpoint right outside of the gates to our neighborhood. There were 3 young men, 18-22 years of age, in a minivan with handicap license plates that pulled a gun on him. My roommate threw his cell phone down and ran. We contacted the police and have filed a report.”

Yikes.  Looks like I’ll be walking this sweet girl before the sun goes down, and probably packin’ even then.


Stay safe, friends!


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