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Mardi Gras Galveston Style (a recap)

I’ve been to many Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans in my lifetime, and my Mardi Gras Galveston experience was very different. Not different bad…just…different. It was more of what I’d describe as a Christmas parade meets family tailgate party minus the religious connotations. Make sense?

What happens is (from my experience at least) folks park along the seawall and tailgate all day long. You get there early, cook breakfast, make some bloody marys and hang out. Then the mid-morning parade rolls past and everyone clamors to the white line of the road and waves their arms like mad men and women screaming for beads and dablooms and cups and whatever other goodies the krewes are throwing. The floats are fun, but definitely lack the flair of the New Orleans krewes.

After the morning parade passes, it’s downtime until the evening parade. We were all hungry from jumping up and down fighting for our throws (what IS it about cheap plastic beads being hurled from a float that sends adults into a frenzy??), so we decided to grill some burgers. The beau and I rode our bikes to the grocery store for chips and happened to catch up to the parade. It was pretty fun having folks mistake us for parade riders as they shouted for us to throw them something. We just smiled and waved as we pedaled on past to the Kroger.

After lunch we visited with our friends and took another ride up the seawall to check out the new Pleasure Pier.

bike mardi gras

The weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect day to laze around and be tourists. I loved every minute of it. We had stuff to do the next day (Crawfish Boil/SuperBowl Party at my house), so we actually took off before the evening parade. My first Mardi Gras Galveston in the books.

I’ll recap my birthday for you soon, too.  It was pretty special.  🙂

Happy weekend, y’all!



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