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It’s nice to be back at work.

File that under “things I didn’t think I’d say”.

I’m just kidding! I have a great job – most days. But that’s not what this post is about. I am healthy again, and so happy to be so. That bronchitis really whupt my behind. I honestly can’t remember ever being that sick. Not even the time I was hospitalized with “severe sinusitis” as a 12 year old. It was baaaaaaad. And, thank the good Lord, I am just about in the clear. Today was my last dose of antibiotics, but I am still cautious about a relapse. There’s lots of sick folks around town and in my office. So I’m dosing up on the vitamin C and working on beefing up my immune system.

I’m also lusting after my new Mason Jar Chandelier!MasonJarChandelier

My sweet (and crafty!) beau made me this for Christmas.  It is made from reclaimed materials – cedar, steel pipes, and and even the Mason Jars are recycled.

The Mason Jars were my sweet mama’s, some that had been used and used over again to house the figs, pears, and other yummy fruits that she would can each summer.  I loved the fixture already, but it makes this so much more special that the light casings have felt so much love over the years.

I will cherish it forever.  ❤


One thought on “It’s nice to be back at work.

  1. I just love this! And now that I know where the jars are from, it’s even better. Glad you’re finally feeling better. I need to meet this crafty fella of yours.


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