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In sickness

“Sick” is not my color.

Today makes day #4 that I’ve been sick. I avoided the nasty “emergacare” places over the weekend by loading up on Mucinex (note: Mucinex is overrated. Don’t waste your money. Just go to a doctor.), and it didn’t work. At all. So yesterday, thankfully my sweet (and totally hot, btw) doctor was able to see me. Diagnosis? Chronic Bronchitis. Nearly pneumonia – good thing I came in when I did!

So, here I am, at home in comfy warm pj’s, medicated with 2 prescription antibiotics, a super stealth cough syrup, and an inhaler, sleeping, watching movies, hydrating, and responding to work and Rodeo-related emails when I’m not knocked out. It has not been fun, and I am so over it. Did you hear me? Over. It.

But, as with most things in my life, there is a funny story that goes with this.

My sweet boyfriend, undeterred by my diagnosis, came over yesterday to bring me G2, Diet 7Up, and OJ. How sweet, right? Yes. Until about midway through Love Actually, he utters “uh oh” and springs from his position on the couch and races to the restroom. Yes, friends – he got sick.

That kind of sickness doesn’t bother me (I earned my badges over years of caring for too-hard-partying-friends), so I launched into Mama mode, found him the medication that I was given last time I had a stomach virus, and put him to bed in the guest room with a plastic garbage can by the bedside.

The good news? It’s 24 hours later, and the nausea has passed. The bad news? His cough now rivals mine. We are quite a pair.

We haven’t been dating 8 months yet, but I guess we had to see each other like this eventually, right? I guess we’ll see what this relationship is made of once we both are healthy again. yikes.

Vitamin C for everyone!



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