11 Men to Date Before Settling Down


I’ve seen this list before, but I think it only had 5 different types of men at that point.  I guess the list has grown, since the types of men have evolved.

Let’s see how I rate with the 11 Men to Date Before Settling Down.  How have you done with this list?

The Artist:

Nope, never dated him.  Sure, I dig a man who can play an instrument, but I suppose I’ve always been too practical to consider that anything could come of dating an artist.

The Life of the Party:

Oh, goodness.  I’ve definitely dated more than one of these.  Maybe it never worked cause neither of us were happy with taking the back seat to the other?  I like attention as much as the next guy.

The Daredevil:

I suppose I run in some safe circles, but I don’t know anyone who regularly takes crazy risks like those mentioned.

The Aesthete:

First off, I don’t know what “aesthete” means, so I’m pretty sure I haven’t dated this guy.

The Iconoclast:

Definitely don’t know this guy.  Hello, I live in Houston.  Nature loving vegans are a rare breed around these parts.

The Younger Man:

There was one.  And he did make me feel like the most cultured, smart, educated, sophisticated women he’d ever met.  And, I guess that’s why it didn’t work – because I knew I wasn’t.

The Older Man:

There was one – the “one who got away”.  He did make me feel like the most precious thing in the world.  He was cultured, smart, educated, and sophisticated, and when I saw War & Peace on his book shelves, I felt inferior.  Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did, and despite all the other things we had in common, I decided in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to keep his attention.  And so I acted like a fresh, young, flirty 26 year old, and it didn’t last.

The Jock:

Had a massive crush on two of these in college, had a couple dates with each of them, but neither crushes panned out.

The Rebel:

Dated one of these off and on over the spam of a couple years.  It was sweet or it was a disaster.  And, funny enough, it ended just as the article describes – he told me that I was too good for him.  (which I am)  😉

The Player:

I’ve dated “players”, but nobody that’s really “deserving” of the title.

The Nice Guy:

Dated a couple of these.  One was so nice it was icky, and the better one didn’t work just as the article says – he was too much of a pushover, and I lost respect for him.

As I half-heartedly review these men, I’m unphased because my sweet mama always told me to “never date anyone I wouldn’t want to marry”.  And so I haven’t – at least not for very long.  I have always been quick to weed out potential suitors based on this criteria alone.  And when I realized that I wouldn’t want to be married to him, we parted ways, one way or another.

This practice has made me, admittedly, a relationship rookie, having never had a relationship to last over a year.

But you know what?  I’m okay with that.  I’m a 30-something year old educated, professional woman who knows (mostly) what she wants out of life, love, and relationships, and it’s okay to be unmarried.  It’s preferred actually, until I find the one – the one who will love me regardless, make me laugh, and be my playmate with tenderness and strength – forever.

Cause, as my sweet daddy always says “There’s a whole lot worse things than being single.”

Truer words, daddy.  Truer words.


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