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A hot dog by any other name

After an awesome football Saturday, watching the Rebs win the Compass Bowl and the Texans beat the Bengals to clinch the AFC South and move onto the Patriots this weekend, Sunday was a day of rest. Of rest and Costco shopping and de-Christmasing my whole house. It wasn’t until we had half the lights off the roof line that I realized I hadn’t take one single picture of the decorations. Not inside, not outside. I even hosted a Festive Football Party for the Texans-Pats MNF Game, and I *still* didn’t take any pics. Luckily, due to a random Facebook stalk, I found that my friend Rainy had snapped a few!  (why didn’t she tag me?)  Anyway…

Here’s a little recap of my shindig:

I like to theme my parties (obviously), and I name my foods accordingly.  We based our football party around an idea I snagged off Pinterest (feel free to follow my boards).  It’s a “chili bar” featuring chili (We made a delicious turkey chili that we pulled together from scratch.  I’ll see if I can recreate the recipe one day and document it.), and all the fixin’s – hot dogs (which I loving called “sWatt dogs” in honor of JJ Watt, the king of Swatting down QB passes), Fritos (for Frito pies), Baked Potatoes (which I laughingly called “Baked Potatriots” – cause we were playing the New England Patriots.  Get it?  I admit it.  I have a weird sense of humor sometimes.), cheese, chives, onions, and all sorts of other yummies to feed a football lovin’ crowd.


These are my sweet mama’s favorite Dishpan Cookies, renamed for my favorite Houston Texan for this occasion.


Anytime you can shape a cheeseball into a football, it’s a win.  I usually do this with my buffalo chicken cheeseball, but I cheated this time and opted for Costco’s smoked gouda cheese spread.  It was delish, and saved me about 20 minutes.


Rainy also snapped this pic of the crowd into the game.  It was SRO in my little house that night.  Party success. ❤


The next party in the works will have something to do with a certain Valentine’s baby’s 30-something birthday.  (that’s me!)  Not sure what’s in store yet, but I’m thinking golf or guns.  I’ll keep ya posted.

Til next time,



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