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Ground hog day

Here I am again.  Again.  Starting another new year, and deciding, nay, PROMISING myself that I’m going to be better about blogging.  Will it take this time?  I don’t know.  But, I do promise that I will try.  I am not taking the “365 blog challenge” like some of my friends.  I don’t have a life exciting enough to warrant that, nor do I think anyone (even me) would want to come here just to read “I went to work.  I walked the dog.  I went to sleep.”  But I will use this forum as my outlet for reflection, prediction, some random musings that will come up time and again, and for updates;  because there are a few of you out there who would like to read a little more about me and my life than just what you see via status updates on facebook.  Right?

So, let’s see – how about a quick catch up on the last few months of Amanda?

  1. My family is all well and happy.  It was a challenging year for several of my siblings and close relatives, but we all survived the year and are better for it!  That’s the thing about my people – we are resilient.  We pull together, we never give up, and we pray.  And we pray hard.  God blessed us greatly, and I am so thankful for each of them and for how much He loves us.
  2. I finally (finally!) got that long-anticipated promotion at work that I have been working my tail off for.  You are reading the words of the new Manager, Marketing and Community Involvement for my company.  This means that I will basically be doing what I’ve been doing for the past 5.5 years, and I will also be charged with rebranding and reviving the company’s philanthropic branch for community involvement.  Or “do-gooding” as I like to call it.  Yay!
  3. Maggie is as awesome as ever.  She’s 11 years old now, celebrating her 77th bday back in September.  She’s been spending quite a bit of time in Mississippi with her pawpaw.  We “share custody” of her, and with my travels and hectic work schedule, it’s worked out nicely for her to hang out with him so much.  In fact, she’s there now.  I’ll be heading over for some family birthday celebrations next weekend and bringing her back with me.  I miss my girl!
  4. I had the honor of standing up for one of my best friends as she married her beau.  Lou Ellen and I have been friends since high school, we roomed together our first couple years in college (before she “escaped” and transferred out), and our list of shenanigans is too long to name!  Lou and Jeff were married in a lovely ceremony at a gorgeous old farmhouse outside Birmingham, Alabama.  It was lovely and so uniquely them!  I’m so happy I could be there for my sweet friend.
  5. I have had a blast experiencing some of Texas that I never have before, as well as doing more of the things I love.  Beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, quaint little bay towns, Hill Country hideaways, Texas Renaissance Festivals, Texans football games, and relaxing lake resorts are just a few of the things that have occupied my weekends as of late.  I’ve also made a few trips to my beloved New Orleans, introducing a city I love so much to a special man who has travelled the world, yet never been to NOLA.
  6. Speaking of that special man, I have found myself in a fun, loving, sweet relationship.  He’s pretty awesome, and I am one lucky gal.

I think that covers it.  See?  Now wouldn’t that have been boring stretched out over 7 months worth of posts?

Just kidding.  I’ll be back more often.  And I’ll try to make it good.

Til next time.




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