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Some Beach, Somewhere.

I’ve been a Houstonian for nearly 8 years now, and would you believe I made my first trip to the beach just this weekend?  I know!  Blasphemy!

Not counting my vacation to the Corpus Christi area a few years back, this was my first time to get barefoot and walk along the shoreline on this part of the Gulf – since I’ve lived here.  When we vacationed here when I was a youngin’, we took many trips to Galveston, and I plunged right on into that nasty, dirty water – much like I did in Biloxi and Gulf Port, Mississippi, all before I was aware of the filth.

Even though Bryan Beach in Freeport, Texas can’t hold a candle to the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coasts to which I am accustomed, I will definitely be a more frequent visitor to the Texas Gulf.  It really is a shame I’ve lived here, so close to the water, for this long and haven’t enjoyed the crashing of the waves and the glorious colors of a beach sunset more often.

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