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Fireworks, schmireworks.

Happy July 5th, everyone!  How did you and yours celebrate America’s 236th birthday yesterday?  I went out to the country with friends for a good old fashioned American cookout featuring brisket, sausage, ribs, beans, roasted corn, and key lime praline pie!  Yum, yum!  I think it’s safe to say I am suffering from a beef hangover, if that’s possible, but I’m not complaining.  This girl loves her some meat!

It was so nice to escape the city and be outside where the air is clean and the neighbors aren’t within a stone’s throw.  The kids were running around being kids.  Not a single video game in sight.  And, since we were so far out, my fancy schmancy iPhone 4 couldn’t even get a signal.  It was nice to be “off the grid” for a little bit.  (and I was thrilled this morning when I read the news on Twitter that the Astros traded Carlos Lee to the Marlins!  Merry Christmas to me!)  It was such a fun day cooking, eating, laughing, and playing around and just enjoying the holiday, our blessings, and each other’s company.

Did y’all boost the economy by hitting up the local fireworks stands?  I didn’t, but folks at our cookout did.  I am now officially of the opinion that fireworks have seriously gone down hill over the years.  I’ve popped a few at-home fireworks in my day, and considering my time served in the trenches of minor league baseball stadiums, it’s safe to say I’ve seen plenty of professional displays.  I don’t even get excited about them anymore.  I do enjoy watching the joy on children’s faces as the sky lights up, but as far as at-home fireworks go, I think it’s safe to say they just don’t make ’em like they used to.  The booms aren’t as loud, the sparklers aren’t as sparkly, the pows of light aren’t as bright; but that’s the beauty of childhood – to them, each one of those booms, sparklers, or pows was awwwwwesommmme…Gotta love the simple life.  🙂

And, the beauty of MY life is that tomorrow, I get to head to MY country – Mississippi – and do it all again.

We’re having a family reunion of sorts, and though there were no formal invitations sent, I’m pretty sure it would have said “BYOB”, with the last “B” standing for “Bug spray”.

See y’all next week!  God bless America!


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