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I think it’s about time for an update

Sometimes, life just gets in the way.  I suppose, in this case, I think that can be a good thing.  It’s been an eventful spring with lots of fun and exciting things happening in this little girl’s life.  Since I’m short on time, I’ll bullet out some of the highlights, photos included (see below)!  And, I promise to get back here more often.  (Thanks for poking me, Rach!

  • Baseball is back!  While the Astros have publically embraced the fact that they are, indeed, stinking this year, they’re still fun to watch.  “Bad baseball is better than no baseball,” I always say.
  • Jimmy Buffett visited Houston, err The Woodlands.  Buffett Day is always the most fun day of the year for me, and this year did not disappoint.  Our crew grew to nearly 20 people for this year’s event, and we had a blast!  The star of the show?  Hippie Juice. I discovered this tart, tasty, and refreshing bevvie on Pinterest (original pin courtesy of Peace, Love, Guacamole.)  It was pink perfection, and even all the guys liked it and were reaching for it over beer!  I call that a WIN.  It’s been requested at the July 4th BBQ I’m going to next week.  I can’t just bring a drink tho, so I’m going to make this delicious, perfectly summer praline key lime pieSouthern Living compares it to a swimming hole – you can’t help but want to dive in.  Speaking of swimming holes, man, I wish I had one in my backyard.  It’s so, SO hot!
  • I attended my first international sporting event, and it was rugby!  Rugby, to me at least, is like a football – soccer – cheerleading – wrestling hybrid.  Football because of the similar shape of the ball, the kick off regime, and points system;  Soccer because they’re not wearing pads, and they’re running all over the place, and they’re all in SUPER good shape (see photos below for supporting evidence why Italy is on my must-visit list, and now I know my trip needs to be during rugby season); Cheerleading because, they’re pick up their teammates – I mean literally hoisting them over their heads – in order to throw or catch the ball; and Wrestling because they do this huddle thing where they link arms and push up against the opponent, swaying back and forth, until one of them gets posession of the ball.  Bizarre to say the least, but I’m so intrigued by it.  My first rugby match definitely won’t be my last.
  • I’ve always been a patriotic American.  My family always celebrated the patriotic holidays with cookouts and homemade ice cream, fireworks, red, white & blue, and taking time to pray for our country and to give thanks for our freedom and those that fight for it.  My family flew an American flag outside our house year-round, and now that I have a home of my own, I proudly fly one outside my house.  I sing along and always, without fail, tear up as the National Anthem is sung at sporting events…particularly when Mr. Joe, a 90 year old WWII veteran sings it at the Astros games.  It just warms my heart.  And, being at the rugby match where the United States played Italy, and shouts of USA! USA! USA! rang through the stadium, it was awe-inspiring.

I hope you’ll take time to honor our country, pray for it, and thank the brave men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedoms.  Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Til next time…

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