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Ice Cream Cakes FTW

Speaking of heart-shaped ice cream cakes*, my sweet brother unearthed a whole heap of old pictures this weekend.  In the pile was this gem:

Me, at age 4, posing for the camera before diving into my heart-shaped ice cream cake.  It looks like they even trusted me with a knife at that age.

I would also like to point out that, at age 4, in 1983, I was sporting the natural version of the now-popular “ombre” effect on my hair.  So ahead of the trend curve.  😉

Birthdays are great!  I’ll gladly wait 355 days for my next one, tho.

*editor’s correction:  ice cream birthday cakes (like the one depicted in this photo) were purchased at Baskin-Robbins until it closed.  The dairy cakes were then purchased at Dairy Queen until it closed.  McComb, to date, remains without either a BR or a DQ.


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