Yard art to canvas

About a half a year ago, I wrote a post that linked to a blog by one of my very favorite bloggers, The Bloggess.  She told this hilarious story that involved Beyonce, a giant metal chicken, and I swear that thing spread like wildfire. 

“Beyonces” of all shapes, sizes, and animal varieties have grown in popularity.  Heck, even I, of the “yard art is for trailer park” camp, now have a horse proudly standing on my front porch. 

And now, it looks like the phenom is being replicated in a canvas version. 

I suppose Painting With a Twist-Houston feared the wrath of the Bloggess and potential copyright issues and decided to name their giant metal chicken Rihanna.  But, who are we kidding?  This is clearly a nod to The Bloggess. 








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