Clean slates.

I get the award for least frequent blogger. 

And for that, I apologize.  If you don’t follow me on twitter, and you’ve been checking in here, you’ve probably noticed in my twitter feed to your right that I am still alive.  And for that, I am grateful.  (Grateful both for you checking in on me, and for my being alive)

With the new year, comes new goals.  One of which is to blog more.  Not because I actually believe there are people out there who are reading my blogs, but because I genuinely like writing, and it makes me feel good.  And, that, my friends, is my major goal for 2012:  MAKE AMANDA FEEL GOOD. 

(call me selfish, but if I ain’t gonna do it, who is?)

And, with that, I present to you the list* of things I intend to incorporate into my regimen this year to make Amanda feel good:

  1. Spiritual renewal
  2. Be my healthiest
  3. Travel abroad – Considering funds, Mexico and the Caribbean may qualify as “abroad”
  4. Revive the spontaneity – the “list” will always be there, opportunities won’t
  5. Appreciate the little things
  6. Give people the benefit of a chance
  7. Create a ‘thankfulness’ jar like I the ‘memory jar’ I saw on Pinterest
  8. Explore career advancement opportunities, although I did just get a promotion and a nice raise – thank you, bosses! 🙂
  9. Does Maggie need a dog?
  10. Shelve the cattiness, unless it is absolutely, 100% warranted (“leggings are not pants”)
  11. Blog more
  12. Map out my financial future
  13. Clear the clutter
  14. Generally, aim high

So friends, I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, and that this new year treats you especially well. 

Cheers to clean slates!

*list was written at my favorite watering hole on New Year’s Day, which may explain a few things. 



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