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a Decade in a Flash – 2005

The most important moment of 2005 actually happened at the very tail end of 2004.  I quit my job and up and moved to Texas. 

Yikes, right?  What was I thinking?!?

Well, I’ll tell ya what I was thinking.

It was late baseball season 2004.  I was having one of those “Oh, when I was young, I thought about doing (fill in the blank)…” conversations with my boss’s wife.  She was a friend of mine, and we could talk about anything.  That conversation went a little something like this:

BW:  “I wish I would’ve moved off to some big city before I got married.”

Me:  “Yeah, I want to do that too.  I’ve said I was moving since before I graduated college, and yet, here I am…still in Jackson almost 5 years later.”

Boss (interrupting, because he’d apparently been eavesdropping):  “Oh, Amanda, you need to give up on that whole moving idea and just find somebody to marry and start havin’ babies.”

Me:  “Yep.  I think I’ve heard enough.”

I was a mere 25 years old.  Sure I wanted to get married, have babies, and all that – I still do – but at that stage in my life, “settle” wasn’t in my vocabulary – still isn’t.  So, fast forward 3 months, and you’ll find me loading a U-Haul bound for Texas.

That was 6 1/2 years ago.  It seems as if I’ve blinked and suddenly I’m 32 years old.  Has that happened to anyone else? 

While the first year in Houston was an eventful one, filled with job interviews, rejection, new friends, new places, Astros games, and repeat, I’d have to say that the next biggest thing for me in 2005 was going to the World Series.   

I think every single baseball fan in the world needs to go to the World Series at least once.  Even if your team never makes it.  Just go.  It doesn’t matter if the Royals are playing the Marlins.  Whatever.  Just pick a team to cheer for, buy their gear, and go.  Sell a kidney if you have to.

For any baseball fan, the World Series is amazing.  Think of the very best game you’ve ever been to.  Add all the pomp and circumstance you can imagine, media coverage for days, celebrities, and fans about to bust they’re so excited, and you’ve got the World Series.  It truly is the most fun ever, and if I hadn’t moved to Texas that year, I would’ve never made it to see the Astros get their tails handed to them by the White Sox.  Why?  Because the Astros would’ve never made it that far.  Why?  Because in 2005, I was at every. single. home game. but 11.  (I kid you not.)  It’s my own personal belief (that has been confirmed by several others) that I’m the Astros good luck charm.  I move to town, they go to the Series.  Well, at least in 2005 I was.  If you’re paying attention to the standings these days, it’s pretty clear my good luck has worn off. 

I’d prefer to think of it as “on strike”.  It’ll come back when it’s darn good and ready.  

Any day now, luck…any day now. 

with friends on the patio for the Game 3

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