Take it to Heart

The auto-generated post below about the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Better U campaign is to encourage my girl friends to join me in taking this 12 week challenge.  I’ve set a start date of July 4, next Monday, so I can’t really speak to how it works, other than what I’ve read. 

From what I understand, this is a free program that helps you establish, track, and accomplish health goals over a 12-week period.  Think Weight Watchers, but it’s about more than just losing weight.  It can be about whatever you need it to be about in order to help make you a healthier you.  Exercising more, eating fewer starches and more fruits, cooking lighter, ditching that nasty cigarette habit, whatever it is that is preventing you from taking the best care possible of your heart is what you can work on. 

For those of you who know me, you know that my very first job out of college was working as the HeartWalk Specialist for the American Heart Association.  I coordinated 4 American HeartWalks, Heart’s largest fundraising event, along with 2 smaller events called Cardiac Arrests (think “Jail and Bail”).  My time with the AHA enlightened me to the seriousness of their mission – to fight America’s #1 killer.  (That’s right, folks.  It’s heart disease that is America’s #1 killer.  Not cancer.  Not accidents.  Heart disease.  And stroke is #3.)

Recently, American Heart Association – Houston launched this Go Red for Women Better U campaign on Facebook, and asked for nominations to participate in the program.  They would choose 5 women – 1 from each age category, 20’s thru 60’s, to take part in the 12 week challenge.  The participants would receive a personal trainer, membership to the sponsorsing wellness center, sessions with a nutritionist, other health tests, evaluations, and cool stuff, and would basically be spokespeople for the program, tweeting and facebooking their journey to better health.  How cool, right?!  I got excited and nominated myself (natch) and, without telling her, my amazing cousin Angie.  Well, after several weeks of waiting, I am delighted to say that Angie was selected!  Woohoo!!

She was called in to meet with the people at Heart, not knowing what this “Better U” thing was about.  I just happened to call her when she was on her way to this meeting, and that’s when I told her I had nominated her.  Surprise!  She was indeed surprised, and a bit leery – what had I actually signed her up for?  But, she’s a Heart supporter, too, and she trusts their experience and plan for the program, so she said YES!  Since this initial meeting, she is now in the stages of setting appointments and making her plans for this 12 week challenge.  I am so, so excited for her!

And, the beauty of it all is that eventhough I won’t be benefitting from the personal training sessions and nutritionist advice, I can take this challenge alongside her with these handy free tools, advice, and online support…and you can too!

Won’t you join us?  You, too can be a BetterU!


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