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Another riveting study from Captain Obvious

I love those studies that report what everyone already knows:  “Smoking cigarettes may cause cancer.”  “Drinking too much alcohol can impair your judgement.” 

Really?  This is all news to me! 

But seriously, I get it.  I understand that not everyone grasps the concept on the initial release, and that repetition is often the way to get someone to finally listen.  And there’s always research to be done on an assortment of topics.

But, if there has ever been a study that was a ginormous waste o’ time, I think this is it. 

Conducted by Rice University and others, these geniuses have determined the following to be true:

(you may want to sit down for this, it’s a real shocker)

“Nice guys drive economy cars:  Rice study finds those with flashy rides are only out for easy sex”.

It’s a clever article from Culture Map, one of my favorite reads, but I feel certain those brainiacs over at Rice could have produced something more beneficial to society than this.  Don’t you agree?

I think this license plate on this “porschebag” pretty much sums it up:


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