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Returning from hiatus

It’s hard to believe my last post was 8 months ago.  I’d love to say “I’ve been too busy to blog”, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.  I just haven’t taken the time to do it.  And I miss it.  So, I’m back.  And, for those of you who have missed me, I’m sorry to be gone so long, and I promise to do better about keeping in touch.  ❤

I have been keeping up with some of my favorite blogs, including my fun friend Rachel.  She’s been blogging for a while now, mostly about her and her husband’s progressive remodel of his former bachelor pad.  Rachel had a baby the day after my birthday (I’ll never forget it), so it’s safe to say the focus of her blog has shifted a bit.  It’s okay by me, because I live 500 miles from her, and between her blog and Facebook, I don’t feel like I’m missing as much of her sweet little boy’s milestones as I surely would without them. 

To catch y’all up on the last 8 months of my life, I’ve decided to use a little blogging style that Rachel has adopted from one of her favorite bloggers called “InstaFriday“.  I suppose in my case, I’ll call it “InstaCatchUpToNow”. 

Without further ado, I present to you a few of the highlights of my life since last we spoke.

My brother Anthony and I took my small, sad, dying back yard as seen here:

and turned it into this:

I achieved my highest score on Words With Friends, my favorite game app for my quickly declining iPhone 3G.  I heard the new 4S (or something like that) is coming out in September, so I’m trying my best to hold out for it.  Here’s my score (and I didn’t even use any big letters!): 

My 2nd year as a volunteer for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was even better than the first!  Me and 2 of my committee friends, Karen and Verenice, got to meet several Houston Texans who came to the stadium to work out.  There was a lock-out going on at the time, and these guys were smart enough to stay in shape in hopes of keeping their jobs!  Here’s us with Eric Winston, Texans Offensive Tackle.  What a super nice guy!  And TALL, too!:

I convinced a shop on my favorite website for all things handmade,, to customize her pillowcase dresses for little girls into a pillowcase dress for my (not so) little girl Maggie.  She was a doll at the 2nd Annual Dog Day at Minute Maid Park!

Speaking of the Astros, my sweet Daddy came to visit, and I scored the company club seats to take him to see the Astros take on the Braves.  As per usual this season, the home team got their astros kicked.  We had fun regardless!

Another year means another Jimmy Buffett concert.  Lucky me, I’ve seen him twice already this year!  First in Houston on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!), and then at Jazz Fest in New Orleans on May 7th where he was the festival headliner.  My bff Mandy and I celebrated this career achievement for our papi by making a weekend of it, enjoying our 7th Buffett show together!

While we’re on the subject of my papi, I took a mini-vacation to Pensacola Beach, Florida.  To my delight, I got to check out Jimmy Buffett’s new Margaritaville Beach Hotel.  The hotel is as fabulous as reviews I’ve read said it is, but to sum it up for you, I’ll say that it is the perfect blend of Gulf Coast relaxed and island chic!  And dinner at Frank and Lola Love Pensacola, the hotel restaurant, was phenomenal!  I had the crab cakes, and some people I was with enjoyed the seafood mac & cheese.  Everything, especially the margaritas, was divine!

Despite the poor economy, I have managed to stay employed.  Hooray for that!  And so, as times are tough around the office, I rely on the simple, thoughtful messages of my Louise L. Hay Wisdom Cards.  This one is appropriate most days:

 I’ve been toying with the idea of getting Maggie a little brother or sister.  Maggie is already 8, nearly 9 years old, and I think having another dog in the house would encourage her to be more active.  A good test for this has been my sister’s dog Molly.  When they’re at my dad’s house together, Maggie mostly ignores Molly.  I was curious how things would go when I volunteered to dog sit Molly while my sister’s family is on vacation.  I suppose all the dog park trips and laps around the block are tiring them out because this is typically the evening scene at casa de me:


There are many exciting events, activities, and places in Houston that I have yet to encounter.  I checked one of these off my list:  The Pride Parade.  I joined some friends who make this an annual tradition to see what all the fuss was about.  It was definitely entertaining, highly political, and definitely a good time.  But I have to wonder – why does “Pride” = “Naked”?  I’ve never seen so many men in nothing but underwear in one place at one time in my life.  Here’s me with Dorian, Ellen, Lilly and baby Olivia, not looking at the camera, pre-parade:

I suppose this about sums it up.  More to come, I promise! 



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