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Fall Lobotomy

As is common in Houston, people are everywhere out and about today.  What is uncommon is that I had no trouble navigating my way through traffic this morning or during the lunch rush.  People were actually smiling as they waved me into traffic in front of them.  I’d say this was because we just came off a weekend, but there’s no way this many people are happy considering how the Texans and the Astros performed this weekend.  It’s got to be the weather.  It’s amazing what a 20 degree temperature drop can do to a city.

Speaking of mood changes, our fine city was recently named to Men’s Health’s list of Angriest Cities, ranking #17 out of 100, with #1 being most angry.  After glancing over this list, I conclude that the majority of these angry cities are in the South.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing this survey wasn’t conducted on a day like today. 

Thank you, Lord, for the awesome fall weather!  Can we keep this up for a while, please?


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