My, how fast a year goes by.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t blogged lately.  I haven’t really had the time, but moreso, I haven’t had the heart.  Especially this month.

This whole month has been a month of “this time last year, …” memories.  With heavy heart, I can’t help but recall the awful events that took place last September, leading up to my Sweet Mama’s passing.  God called her Home on September 19th.  Her passing was tragic, dramatic, unexpected and certainly unwelcomed.  

Mama was such a force within all of our lives.  The mother, the friend, the confidant, the supporter, the role model, the nurturer, the jokester, the shoulder, and the glue.  Mama was so many things to so many people, but the thing I think she was the best at was loving.  I never had to wonder how Mama felt about me because she told me…and she meant it.  She loved me.  And she gave the best hugs.  Her arthritic arms squeezed me just as tight as they could.  I have no doubt she’s the reason I’m like I am today.  I tell people how I feel, even despite the ‘games’ some play when dating, and I hug with purpose. 

I take comfort in knowing that Mama is in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ, and in knowing that one day, I will see her again.  Until then, I’ll do my very best to be the sweet, happy, loving, strong Southern woman that she raised me to be. 

And I’ll succeed because her love is with me every moment.


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