Make mine tall, dark and handsome, please, God.

A couple of weeks ago, right after the latest married man who fancied me/single man who didn’t fancy me encounter at the ballpark, I had a most random instant message conversation thru facebook.  This guy I knew in college, oh, about 12 years ago, popped up during a regular workday. 

[I can’t emphasize enough how little this guy and I have had to do with each other since he left college to, well, I don’t know what he left college to do.  That’s how not close we were.  Thru the college alumni facebook page, we friended each other, but other than various “good to see you on here!” messages, we haven’t caught up.  Until this.] 

Summarizing, the convo went like this:

GC:  Hey!  How are you?

Me:  I’m good!  How are you?

GC:  Good. yada yada yada…blahde blahde blah…Is there someone special in your life?

Me:  Nope.  Nobody’s been that lucky just yet. haha.

GC:  You know, before my wife (we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary next week) and I got together, she made a list of the qualities she was looking for in her ideal man.  She took this list, placed it inside her Bible, and prayed about it every night.  Next thing she knew, I showed up!  And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Me: (jaw on the floor) Wow.  That’s some story, GC, and I’m happy for you, but I have to ask–how come you’re telling me this today?

GC:  I guess I just felt like maybe you needed to hear it.

Obviously, this random IM conversation has stayed with me.  I’ve shared it with a couple of girlfriends who continue to follow up to check on the status of my ‘list’.  I’ve thought about it, started the list a few times in my head, and have actually sat down with pen to paper a couple times, but I’ve yet to compile what I believe is a complete, respectable list of the qualities and characteristics I want in my match. 

I mean, I trust what God says in Matthew 21:22:

 22If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

So, you can see why I want to make sure to cover all the bases, or atleast most of them, when I send this up to Him. 

I’ll get to work on this list, and if any of you have any pointers for me, please share!  I can use all the insight I can get.


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