(mostly) fickle reasons why I’m not a fan of the Lakers.

I’m not a pro basketball fan.  At all.  If I had a couple extra pairs of arms and legs, I could probably count on my fingers and toes the number of basketball games I’ve been to in my 31 years.  One of those 50 or so games includes 1 pro game (Houston Rockets vs. somebody better than them).  I will admit that the Rockets game was a great deal of fun.  That’s probably because I had the hook up in a suite for that game, but still–I’ll admit that I enjoyed it. 

Other than the free ticket to that one Rockets game, I just can’t see me getting into pro basketball.  It’s too expensive in person, and I don’t care enough about the teams or players to enjoy it on tv. 

College basketball is another story.  In fact, just about any college sport is another story.  I can get into watching some hard working student athletes trying to win at something.  Besides, the bar scene gets exceptionally good here when a college championship is on the line.  (Hello, Texas!  \\m//)

Without further adieu, I present to you the top ten reasons why I was rooting for the Celtics (if you want to call tuning in just in time to watch the last quarter of Game 7 “rooting”):

#10:  Boston’s a fun city filled with strong, manly men with gruff sexy accents.  I’ve never been to LA, but from what I gather, it ain’t like that.

#9:  I’m part Irish, I like 4 leaf clovers, and some say I look pretty good in green.

#8:  The Lakers colors are purple & gold, which reminds me of LSU, and I don’t like LSU.  (Hotty Toddy!)

#7:  During the 1 quarter I tuned in to watch last night, I was most interested in the celeb sightings, and I’ll see those same snapshots in next week’s People.

#6:  I really didn’t think another Kardashian girl’s man would win a ring.  I mean, who did?  Perhaps these girls should channel their “talents” into something more beneficial to society than reality tv, purses and clothes.

#5:  I think I heard somewhere that the Lakers won last year, so I wanted to pull for the under dog.  Share the wealth, you know?

#4:  I dated a guy who was obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with the Lakers.  Caught every game, either live television or via DVR, no matter what.  I tell you, that got old real quick.

#3:  I don’t like Kobe Bryant.  There was one point where I appreciated him for his good looks and athleticism, but once the whole rape thing in Colorado happened, and then the buying back of the wife with the gigantic diamond happened, it became apparent that his pretty was just on the outside, and his ugly was to the bone.  Next. 

#2:  You know what?  I don’t think I need 2 more reasons to dislike the Lakers.  That last one about summed it up.

But, despite my current disinterest in pro basketball, I will go on record right now and say that if the Rockets make a championship run while I’m living in Houston, you bet your basketball I’ll be all over that bandwagon.  Houston’s a fun sports city–when we’re WINNING!  Let’s get back to that already.


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