And just when you thought you’d had enough of The Bachelor…

enter ABC’s Bachelor Pad.  After reading the People.com article, it sounds to me like it’s a knock-off mesh of MTV’s Real World & Road Rules, but instead of the random assortment of directionless fame-seeking males and females under age 24, you’ve got a cookie-cutter assortment of directionless fame-seeking d-bags of all ages. 

Specifically, the Real World influence because boys and girls will all live in one tricked-out house together.  The Road Rules influence because they’ll be tasked with various challenges throughout the season.  I’m half-expecting to see the cheesy mixer-type games like suck & blow and pass the orange, but surely the ABC execs will come up with more drama-inducing activites.  Co-ed naked flip cup, anyone?

And, of course, the driving force behind all ABC shows that begin with B-A-C-H-E-L-O-R…

MONEY!  (you thought I was going to say LOVE, didn’t you?)  Well, I suppose someone could find love in a house full of scantily-clad singles (don’t hold your breath), but mostly the folks are in it for the chance at winning the cash prize of $250,000.   

Dallas-native, former Cowboys cheerleader, Bachelor dumpee turned Dancing with the Stars phenom turned Good Morning America coorespondant and newlywed (have I forgotten anything?) Melissa Rycroft will team up with Chris Harrison (the current host of all Bachelor shows) to bring you Bachelor Pad.  It premieres Aug. 9 on ABC. 

I anticipate a train wreck.  Let’s marvel at it together.


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