Jimmy Buffett

The man, the mogul, the margarita

Jimmy Buffett is a genius.  I don’t even think I can begin to name all the various pots that this man has his hands in, but I’ll try:

  1. His Music
  2. Other people’s music (he has his own label)
  3. Restaurants
  4. Alcohol (beer, margarita mix, tequila, rum)
  5. Clothing & all sorts of other accessories for a person, vehicle, house or pet
  6. Casino (on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Last I checked, construction is still haulted due to the hurricane, but I *think* it’s still in the works)

and now this, the Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola, Florida.  Check out the USA Today’s article on the man & his hotel

And now with Southwest Airlines offering non-stops from Houston Hobby to Panama City, I think I really will make my summer beach getaway happen this year. 

Who’s with me?

p.s.  I still owe a fairly intense blog post to cover my latest trip to Margaritaville (Buffett’s concert in The Woodlands, Texas), but I haven’t fully recovered just yet.  I’ll get to it.  Promise.


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