When you lose someone special to you, what used to be ordinary special days become “firsts”.  The first Thanksgiving without them.  The first Christmas.  Your first birthday without them.  THEIR first birthday without them. 

That’s what tomorrow is:  My Sweet Mama would’ve been 75 years young tomorrow.  It’s a day that I’ve been thinking about for a while now, knowing not what to expect, except to know it won’t be pleasant. 

I’m still waiting for the day when “it becomes less hard”, which is the advice friends who have also lost their parents shared with me.  Some days are better than others, and some days, I’m able to shake the sadness by reminding myself that My Sweet Mama is with Our Heavenly Father, and that she wouldn’t want me to cry so much over her.  She’s certainly not shedding any more tears.  I take comfort in that, and I am so blessed to have a Godly mother. 


So, on that notion, I’ve taken My Sweet Mama’s birthday off of work (thanks to my understanding boss who lost her mother just over 2 years ago and totally relates), and I intend to immerse myself in people and things that make me happy.  I think My Sweet Mama would want that. 

The loosely planned schedule includes early morning gym and dog walking, late morning mani-pedis, lunch al fresco, shoe shopping, afternoon happy hour, and Astros Baseball that evening.  My girlfriends will be joining me as their schedules permit.  Sounds like a good day, no? 

I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the wonderful group of friends I have, both here, back home, and elsewhere.  My friends are definitely some of the strongest, smartest, most inspiring women out there.  I am so blessed by each one of them. 

If you’re reading this right now, and you’re one of my friends (this, of course, includes my amazing sisters-Wanda & Colleen), CHEERS to you, and THANKS for being so awesome!  I love you bunches! 

-Mana 🙂


One thought on “Firsts

  1. That’s so sweet! I know you miss her! It’s amazing how we remember their birthdays in our hearts, and you’re right about it being a year of firsts. Have a wonderful day, and know your mama is smiling at what a strong, successful, amazing daughter she left to fulfill her legacy!


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