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Maggie Lisa

I completely love Meredith Montgomery’s doggie portraits.  Check them out for yourself, then tell me if it’s completely insane and/or vain to have a portrait of Maggie painted.  

This is not a frivolous purchase.  At least, not to me.  Her paintings are beautiful, and they’re not cheap.  I’m thinking this is something I could add to my Christmas list or solicit my friends for b-day donations instead of various DSW gift cards, but if you walked into my house and saw that my wall featured a portrait of my lab, what would you think of me?

Because, yes, I will admit it.  I care what other people think of me. 

But only to a certain extent.


3 thoughts on “Maggie Lisa

  1. YES, do it!! 🙂 I got pastels of Cleo and Rug done from a local here & I love them. But, I love the paintings more – wish I had taken that route instead!


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