Good Seats, Great Friends and a (minor) Celebrity Encounter

So Opening Night didn’t provide a W for the hometeam, but my friends and I sure had a good time!

We met Jack Ingram, the Texas country artist who did a beautiful job singing the National Anthem pre-game and God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch. (didn’t I tell you there’d be an “only famous in Texas” singer performing?)

Other highlights include the debut of the Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets race which, although funny, is a very poor knock-off of the Brewers’ Sausage Race and even the Nationals’ Dead Presidents Race. Seriously, Uncle Drayton? Hot Sauce Packets? I suppose it’s whatever pays the bills, but couldn’t your creative team come up with something less embarassing and low brow?

An actual highlight is that President and Mrs. Bush (or George and Babs as I like to refer to them when they’re being cute) were in the house! Glad to see that Mrs. Bush is feeling better! George and Babs are locals, they love their Astros, and they’re pretty much season-long fixtures in Uncle D’s seats behind homeplate. Seems like just about every game, they’re “caught” on the Kiss Cam. They never disappoint the excited crowd when they recognize their mugs on the jumbotron, they sweetly give each other an appropriately affectionate peck, much to the fans’ delight. I think one day for kicks, George should really lay one on her. Wonder how folks would react to that!

And, as far as the game was concerned, Roy O. and the Astros’ bats were no match for Lincecum. The pair of Astros’ runs came in the bottom of the 9th. We had a glimmer of a rally lighting up, until Jason Michaels grounded out 4-3 to end the game. Giants 5, Astros 2.

And just like that, 15 teams have a losing record and 15 teams are tied for 1st. 161 games to go to narrow the field to just 2.

These next 6 months are sure to be interesting.


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