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Another birthday, another pair of shoes.

The birthmonth is here, and with it comes thoughts of the future, excitement about the party, trips down memory lane, and some really great birthday gifts from retailers!

My friends at DSW gifted me with a $10 off coupon, $5 more than standard because of my premier status.  (Note to shoe lovers who aren’t a member:  Sign up.  It’s totally worth it.)  That thing lasted a whole day before I spent it on a great pair of nude faux-snake skin pointy-toed heels.  Trust me, they’re even more fabulous than they sound.  When they make their debut, I’ll be sure to post a pic.

The fabulous folks at Sephora, my favorite makeup store, offered a birthday swag pack, with–get this–NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!  Simply drop by a store near me, tell them “it’s my birthday!” and leave with a fabulous bag of goods.  Of course, $93 later, I discover that the birthday swag packs can only be claimed from the free-standing shops, not the in-JC Penney versions.  (This should’ve been noted on the offer, I think.)  Later that day, when I made my way to the Rice Village free-standing location, I’m told that they were fresh out!  However, (and here’s where good customer-service skills come to play), when I explained my previous wasted trip to the Meyerland JC Penney location, the store director insisted on putting together a sweet bag o’ samples to tide me over until I get back to them to claim the real gift.  Nice, huh?  I thought that act of customer service kindness deserved a little pat on the back, so I emailed the head honchos at Sephora.  Hopefully the local gal will get a kudos from the folks at Sephora makeup headquarters.

As for birthday party plans, 3 fellow February birthday gals and I are hosting a joint Mardi Gras Masquerade Pub Crawl on Washington Avenue.  We’ll walk the 2 blocks from my house to the Porch Swing, where we’ll hop on the handy Washington Wave jitney and make our way up the street to our stops.  I’m still putting the final touches on my b-day outfit, but I’ve already bought some great beads and other party favors for our friends.  It’s going to be a great time!  If you run into us Friday night, be sure to wish me, Cari, Elizabeth & Lilly a very Happy Birthday! 



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